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Disposable Esophageal Stethoscope

Disposable Esophageal Stethoscopes with Temperature Sensors are used in a surgical setting for monitoring temperature, heart, and breath sounds of anesthetized patients. Inserted into the esophagus, the stethoscope provides an accurate measurement of core body temperature, as well as transmitting clear heart and lung sounds to the anesthesiologist.

  • Cost effective
  • Soft, thin-walled cuff provides maximum sound transmission
  • Male luer allows convenient attachment to standard acoustical earpieces
  • Available in 9Fr, 12Fr, 18Fr, and 24Fr to meet all size requirements
  • Disposable, single-use design reduces the risk of cross-infection and ensures a quality product each time a new unit is used
  • Available with various temperature sensors including but not limited to 400, 700 and 10K sensors
  • Available in both a standard and a hi-cuff design to meet all needs
  • Tube has specially designed “frosted” finish to aid in ease of insertion and removal
  • Latex free

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ES 9400
Standard Cuff400 Series9FRCase of 50$154.00Quantity:
Standard Cuff400 Series12FRCase of 50$154.00Quantity:
Standard Cuff400 Series18FRCase of 50$161.00Quantity:
ES 24400
Standard Cuff400 Series24frCase of 50$154.00Quantity:
ES 12400H
Hi-Cuff400 Series12FRCase of 50$161.33Quantity:
ES 18400H
Hi-Cuff400 Series18FRCase of 50$161.33Quantity:
ES 24400H
Hi-Cuff400 Series24FRCase of 50$161.33Quantity:
ES 9700
Standard Cuff700 Series9FRCase of 50$198.00Quantity:
ES 12700
Standard Cuff700 Series12FRCase of 50$198.00Quantity:
ES 18700
Standard Cuff700 Series18FRCase of 50$198.00Quantity:
ES 24700
Standard Cuff700 Series24FRCase of 50$198.00Quantity:
ES 12700H
Hi-Cuff700 Series12FRCase of 50$198.00Quantity:
ES 18700H
Hi-Cuff700 Series18FRCase of 50$205.33Quantity:
ES 1800
Standard Cuffnone18FRCase of 50$96.00Quantity:
ES 2400
Standard Cuffnone24FRCase of 50$95.33Quantity:
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